MK12 turns 12 on 12.12.12

Well folks, we turn 12 today. Right now, actually, making MK12 12 at 12:12:12,12.12.12

Your move, Mayans.

It’s been a long road since Terrible Cosmic Death, our first short film as a collective. Since then, we’ve circled the globe a couple of times, spoken at some great venues, made new friends, worked on some amazing projects and shaken hands with some of our idols.

We started out a couple of naive art school grads / non-grads working out of an apartment above 39th Street Coffee Shop in Kansas City, MO. Thanks to our charm and boyish good looks (long faded), we survived on a diet of lukewarm coffee and day-old scones, which the lovely baristas (not faded) would bring us at the end of the night.

Twelve years later, much has changed, but nothing has. The scones are fresher and the coffee stays warm, and we’ve learned that the internet is good for more than pirating music, but we’re still the same naive art kids out to change the world, only now we have an amazing team to do it with.

We love our job. Scratch that. We love that we can wake up each day and make things that would sound crazy in any other context. It’s a privilege that isn’t lost on us.

We love, LOVE you guys. You’re our audience. You’re our people. It’s a cliché to say that we wouldn’t be here without you, but it’s true. You’ve stuck with us through our flops and dry spells, and if you’ll have us, we promise another dozen years of flops and dry spells, and maybe a few winners, too.

And, when we all come out of our cryogenic tanks in 2112, we promise a Palindrome Party for the ages.

From the bottom of our collective heart, thank you!

- the MK12

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